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Since its foundation in 1999, Apek has always had the spirit of innovation as its main characteristic. A pioneer in the development of self-service technologies, Apek has implemented numerous projects that have become a world reference. Among them, we highlight McInternet, which led to more than 650 McDonald's chain restaurants, access to the Internet in a self-sustainable commercial model.


In 2008 Apek starts a new cycle of innovation, investing in the technology of an Israeli startup to become one of the first companies in the world to manufacture large format multi touch technology.

After deploying its technologies in the largest Brazilian Broadcast companies, such as Rede Globo, Record and SBT, Apek presented its new Touchspace product to the world. Considered by Microsoft itself as the first Windows Touch TV in the world, the product generated great publicity in the world press and took Apek to a new level.


With products 100% developed in Brazil, Apek operates strongly in the Education, Shopping Centers, Industry and Medicine markets.


In 2016 Apek starts operations in the USA, based in Los Angeles, where it will operate in several markets and with even more innovations.

In 2018 Apk started a new project, Skedway, for space management, which soon became a startup with great potential. Currently Skedway is implemented with scope.

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